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  • Child health care

    Publications for professional staff in child health care

  • Municipalities

    Publications relevant to municipal personnel - aimed at adult citizens.

  • Day care

    Publications for staff in day care.

  • Physicians

    Publications for doctors, nurses and other health care staff associated with general practice

  • Midwifery


    Publications for doctors, midwives, nurses and other health care personnel, who advise new and forthcoming parents.

  • Pharmacies

    Publications for pharmaceutical personnel in pharmacies

  • Children

    Publications related to children

    - aimed at teachers, school health care, PPR counselors and other professionals associated with child care.

    Based on our catalog 'om børn'.

  • Adolescents

    Publications related to adolescents - based on our catalog 'omkring unge'.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 79 items
Showing 1 - 15 of 79 items